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Storing Bread: Do’s And Don’ts

Who doesn’t love to eat bread, right? There are different types of bread available in the market and each person has different preference on how they want their bread. It can be toasted, with peanut butter and jam, topped with fruits, or perhaps with meat such as bacon or ham.

With the various things you can do to a bread, it is one of the most common food that you can see at home. Though, there are circumstances that some people don’t know the proper way of storing bread and ends up with a bad quality one once they decided to eat it.

What To Do When Storing Bread
Some people believe that the cooler the temperature, the longer it will last. However, for baked products such as bread, it shouldn’t be applied because freezing the product will cause it to be soggy once you try to heat them again for another use. Make sure that it is stored in a place with proper temperature sealed in a container with enough space, so it won’t get crushed.

If you want to maintain the crispy effect while storing bread, it is more advisable to leave it at room temperature, or better yet, having an oven toaster could do the job easier since it can toast your pastry in just a few minutes, so you can enjoy it hot like a newly baked product.

Have some extra slices of cake from the previous party? You can just leave them in their box and keep it refrigerated to avoid the melting of the icing and it can still maintain its shape and design since the box provides enough space for that.

In conclusion, proper storing by wrapping them properly is the most effective way in keeping the bread fresh and guarantee to maintain its quality for the next consumption.