Articles from February 2019

How Many People Join An Online Dating Site Just To Chat?

People go on dating sites for many different reasons. Ever since the rise of social media more and more people are registering to date sites and meeting strangers. This was something that only a few did, and they even hid it from others. However, times have changed and the concept of dating sites are more open now.


Owing to the popularity of dating sites, comes the influx of people who are just curious about how to use it. This is where you can find people who are just interested in chatting for friendship and those that just need company online. Overall, this isn’t bad, but if you’re looking to start an online relationship, then you need to know what the purpose of the person you’re talking to is.

Why People Would Rather Go To Dating Sites?
You can find a lot of online dating sites in South Africa and many people use them as well. There are others who use online dating sites because they don’t feel comfortable actually going out to meet a person. If it’s in a bar or on a blind date, there are people who would rather try to talk to the person first before they can even meet; online dating can do this for them.

Then there are people who look for love online. These are those that have specific people in mind that they want to meet. Online dating can help these people a lot since as you put your information online, they can suggest your profile to a possible match. Now you and your possible date will have something common with each other.

Is Just Chatting Okay In Online Dating Sites Or Apps?
If you feel more comfortable with just talking, then there is nobody stopping you from doing so. Online dating is free to use for everyone, and you can simply chat with other strangers even without having to date them. There are people like that and you can immediately notice from their chats that they simply want to talk; there’s nothing wrong about that.