You Can Find A Better Massage In Waikiki Than At Your Hotel

After hours of swimming, snorkeling, surfing and sailing on a beautiful Waikiki day you can reward your sore and stiff muscles with a massage in Waikiki. There, they can provide amuch needed soothing and comforting time in a full body massage at a service spa. Indulge into a renewing and rejuvenating body pampering through an island style setting.

What most spas offer?
Most spas pamper their clientele with their legendary services starting with their all- natural ingredients such as hibiscus and coconut oil to a Polynesian treatment inspired massage known as the Samoan nonu type of massage. You can even grab along your partner for a joint session. There are also spas that are made in some garden oasis that allows the cool breeze while you are under tropical trees and plants. This area is located at the heart of Waikiki inside the famous and world renowned Royal Hawaiian Resort. You can indulge in a various treatments from the classic type to the local massage styles.  They also offer traditional or tropical facials, body wraps and the famous cocoons then a nailart service and hair salon services too. To get that ultimate spa experience guests can try this Hawaiian-inspired massage, which can be followed by facial treatments.

What is cocooning?
If you are wondering what cocooning is , this is a type of hydrotherapy that wraps the guest with a warm sheet then they are laid in a soft mattress in a tub then they fill this with water at a temperature as warm as the body. While being dry inside the cocoon, you will feel the gentle soothing pressure of the water that will energize and heal the body.

A Waikiki massage is not complete without the taste of the Lomi Lomi which is a rhythmic Hawaiian massage which is often the highlight of some extensive spa menu. It is more appreciated when combined with Pohaku which is the application of hot stones. All these will result in a deeprelaxing and invigorating feeling one will want to relive as often as can be possible.