The Many Joys Of Living In Tanjong Katong

Not all neighborhoods will attract you. Not all neighborhoods will feet your needs. Not all neighborhoods will fit your personality. If you are the kind of person who enjoys being immersed in different cultures then you would prefer a residential area that’s a hodgepodge of culture. If you like living in the fast lane then the heart of the metropolis is perfect for you. If you like peace and quiet then a residential that is far enough from the city will attract you.

Meyerhouse Tanjong Katong is going to be the new face of Nanak Mansions once the redevelopment is complete. Apart from this new upscale condo, Tanjong Katong has more to offer. If you research on the internet, there several articles that will guide you through the best spots of Katong.

Why Tanjong Katong?

  • It is the place to be. With upscale condos sprouting left and right more and more people are making Tanjong Katong their home.
  • It makes traveling to the airport easier. Travel time to Changi is cut down if you pass through the ECP.
  • The future of public transportation is bright. With two MRT stations – Tanjong Katong and Marine Parade, commuting to work or to school are going to be a breeze. Moreover, it makes other destinations more accessible.
  • If you have children then their education is a priority. There is no shortage of schools in Tanjong Katong and the best part is that these schools are all a short drive away.
  • If you want a gastronomic experience all year round then Tanjong Katong is the place to be. Expensive restaurants and budget-friendly eateries are all over the place. If you are craving something local there is a place for you. If you are craving something international there is also a place for you.

A surprise gem in every corner
In Tanjong Katong, it has hard to predict what the next block holds for you. The place is a fusion of traditional houses, hotels, and low rise apartments. You can visit several historic sites or you can go for a stroll at East Coast Park. You can immerse yourself in the different cultures and come out a different person.